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Content Writing Services

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We are Xperts Creation.
We've been connecting clients with audiences
through beautiful content.

Xperts Creation is a boutique content marketing agency that tells great stories.
We love stories. We love the look of them, and the feel of them. We love the taste of them.
We love that stories, like subtle changes in light, suddenly help us see the world in a whole new way.
We love the sudden tilt from the axis of the world, and the changes that the best stories evoke.
And we can help you tell stories that will change the world of your customers.

How we can help you?

Content Strategy

We’ll tie your content strategy to your objectives. Then we’ll help you create a roadmap to find, engage and keep your audience. Keywords, editorial calendars, amplification strategies and audience profiles are all key to your successful content marketing strategy.

Content Production

We’ll help you tell stories in beautifully designed magazines, compelling newsletters, on podcasts and videos and on richly interactive websites. We can write, edit, design, produce and distribute your engaging stories online, in print, or through email.

Content Distribution

Your content has to be found to work. We connect with audiences through print, video, web, Apps and what ever is the next emerging platform. We can also help you design and distribute your social media marketing, to maximise your audience reach.

Content Measurement

We love watching our content at work. We work with you to ensure we can prove the business case for your content. And through smart use of analytics, we’re always making sure it is working as well as it can and continuously evolves to remain effective.

Content production for websites

All this talk about creating content for your website is confusing for some businesses. They have already created a lot of keyword-rich and SEO-optimized content for their site, and for every product they sell, who they are, and people can find them. Covers where you can. The marketer advises me to write a blog, but how many times can I write about the same product? Creating website content is certainly important, but if you’re just saying the same thing, how can you make it relevant?

You can answer these questions by returning to the first principle. Website content creation forms a component of SEO. This makes it easier for both search engines and real people to find you online when they find new and trusted content that helps people search for information and products.

The three types of content you need on your site.

The content on the pages of your website falls into three broad categories: static content, gated content, and evolving content.

Static content is stuff that doesn’t get updated all the time. Things like your ‘contact us’ page, or company information, will generally stay the same for a long period of time. You may also have landing pages for products that only change or update once a year—those pages would be ‘static’ content.

Gated content is a type of static content that someone has to request from you. It may be sensitive information like a price list, or more general information like an instructional video, a whitepaper or a manual.

Evolving content is any content that is updated on a regular basis—daily, or weekly or monthly. A blog, or a news release feed, counts as evolving content.

Why do you need different types of content production for websites?

You need to manage to produce different types of content because there are different types of searches. The reason you have a website is so people searching for information can find you. And most searches on the web—upwards of 80 percent—are for some type of broad information, rather than people looking to buy something or find a place.

These different content types give people a variety of different ways of finding you when they search online. You want static pages to help people search for your brand or one of your products. You may also want to reach out to people you don’t know yet and aren’t looking for your brand or product. Evolving closed content will be more appealing to these searchers.

Having a content strategy that helps you find and build your audience makes it easy to understand what you’re producing.

Your strategy determines the type of evolved and closed content you think you need. This evolving content helps direct both searchers and search engines to static pages and guides people to your products and services.

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What Makes us the Perfect Content Production Company?

If you work with a freelancer or other agencies, they won’t question what you want to build. We guide you, create a plan for success, and help you build the right products for the right customers. We aim to be your reliable source when you need to tell a story. Let’s schedule a coffee meeting.

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