Our Team

We have experienced players of skilled and talented Animators, CG Artists, Designers, Developers, Marketing and Telesales experts who work day and night to provide you with the finest armed forces.

Muhammad Murtuza

Founder, CEO

Muhammad Shahid

HR / Director

Ahmed Jamil

Development Manager

Muhammad Masroor

Creative Head

Ghazi Hasan

Web Dev. Team Lead

Anum Calson

Telesales Manager

Xperts Creation team is responsible for all the stages that are followed in a multimedia company process. Some of these stages include Research, Conceptualizing, Scriptwriting, Story boarding, Designing / Modeling, Animation, Editing, and Programming. To deliver excellence on each project we have right people in the right place. Our team is skilled and well experienced to handle diverse projects and is very comfortable to work in 24×7 Atmosphere. We call it an exclusive blend of technology, creativity and management.


  • In Xperts Creation projects only starts after at-least 20% upfront payment of the total contract amount.
  • Remaining payments will be made upon decided milestones or upon completion of small projects.(under $1000)
  • In case of delay in payment in between the project or upfront we do have all rights to stop the work anytime and we will not be responsible for any loss. When payment is confirmed at Xperts Creation means that we commit to deliver the work on time and will not make any excuse.
  • When project is in progress we will show everything with a water mark on it and upon approval and final payment we will deliver all original files along with source files.
  • For Ongoing projects or permanent clients we prefer to make payments every week or monthly. Delay in payment anytime can effect on the deliverable.


**Turn Around Time


Turnaround time greatly depends on client interaction. Timelines are only estimates and we do not guarantee timelines. The timelines provided are only estimates and we make every effort to meet those estimates however to much of the time involved is dependent upon the client.


If content is provided in advance, initial and ongoing instructions are exact, revision requests are reasonable, turnaround time can sometimes be less than estimated. On the other hand it could drastically increase due to client in-actions, delayed mockup approvals, back and forth change requests can take days.


95% of our clients have not bought our express service and experience great turnaround time. The turnaround times that we give are based on actual statistics of projects we have completed in the past and are NOT guaranteed.